Orange Mic

Music is life!

As a diplomats son, Orange Mic travelled the world experiencing different cultures and a myriad of musical styles. This upbringing forever expanded his pallette and passion to create.

As a young adult Orange turned that into a career as a session guitarist, songwriter, as well as a playing in a hard rock act travelling Europe.

After moving to Canada in 2007 to start a family, Orange Mic decided to dedicate his new life to mastering in-box production abilities through, endless research and hands on training.


To date, Orange Mic has a plethora of production, performance and songwriting credits to his name and has become a secret weapon for the Toronto music scene. Most notably, by creating that “Pro Studio” sound, with musician minded rates and a quick turnaround.

The fact is Orange Mic is your one stop indie shop for your in-person rehearsal room recordings or on-line production needs. From session guitar, recording engineering and music production to audio editing and final Mastering for your release, Orange does it all.

Big Studio Sound

Starting out in the analogue world of the nineties, Orange Mic understands the purist musician perspective of tape sound and live off the floor production using vintage microphones. But most indie bands go broke or fall short, trying to achieve it.

When the world changed Orange Mic was already ahead of it, having spent the last decade perfecting online, distributed music production and recording methods to over come distance and availability of the participants.

Orange Mic can provide education on demand regarding necessary recording hardware, as well as setup assistance.

Worried that you can’t possibly get “that” sound this way, Orange Mic will prove you wrong.

You need, production assistance, mixing, mastering, editing or session and song writing consultation; or your bad sounding single corrected for online release? Orange Mic is your super secret weapon.

You will not find someone who cares about your work as much as Orange Mic does and you will hear it in the results guaranteed.

There isn’t enough good things I can say about Mihai and SugarBear studios . He’s been adaptable to any projects I’ve sent his way . I play in several bands and he’s fitted the sound I was after for every project. From Punk to Metal to Psychobilly , he’s always had great vision of what I was after and the knowledge to achieve its goals . He himself is an excellent musician so he has a deep understanding of musical construction and arrangements , he’s willing to help hatch out ideas and was a big part of the excellent reviews we had with the last The House of Haunt album. He also is know for being one of the best at helping local musicians attain their dreams of a professional sounding recording at a fair price point , and a valuable assets to our local music scene in Toronto. Also he’s just a great guy to work with , he’s even keeled , professional, and patient which sometimes is needed when dealing with the various style and types of musicians . As we all know there is different personalities we all have had to work with in any band dynamic.

Sean Macnab – The House of Haunt, Conflicting Plaid, WSAR, Defile

As a music publishing corporation (Fortress of Freedom Inc.) and as a music distributing corporation (FOF Records Inc.), we have begun to rely on Mihai Trusca of Orange Mic Music for for mixing in the production stages and mastering for distribution of the material to all manner of music consumption.

The fact is that we at FOF consider Mihai Trusca of Orange Mic Music one of the best sound engineers and mastering engineers in the Toronto market! He has worked on many of our projects presently and in the past.

If you are starting a project or got yourself into a problem with the material and need someone with the talent to fix it, send Mihai Trusca of Orange Mic Music an email and take your music to a higher level!

Maurice Ali – Fortress of Freedom Inc. / FOF Records Inc

We had just finished production of the band’s first EP and we knew we needed just a bit more energy out of the material. When we got back the songs after Mihai Trusca had worked on them, those songs just popped! I can wholeheartedly recommend Mihai Trusca of Orange Mic Music for all your production and post production needs! If I say it’s this good, you can take that to the bank!

Pize Zumbovski – The Brawlers

I’ve had the chance to work with Mihai on a few projects and he always goes the extra mile to make sure that your project sounds professional.  Whether it’s getting extra takes during recording, tweaking faders and digging through plugins and magically making vocals better during mixing, or getting that final polish during mastering you can tell that Mihai is passionate about what he does.  Oh, and he’s a great guitarist too!  Thanks Mihai!

Jim Burdon

Mihai did an excellent job recording and mixing some demos for me. He is an extreme talent. I would definitely recommend his work to anyone that needed recording done.

Lauren Spike

My project was at an impasse. Main recording and dubs were finished but when my engineer moved out of town we needed a new source to mix it. I’d already known Mihai for while when my buddy Mike suggested I reach out him to finish my album. I’d already heard Mihai’s work and was impressed so it didn’t take much convincing. I heard Mihai’s recording and mixing on the Twenty6Hundred discs along with various other artists work that appreciated his skills. My project wasn’t an easy one; besides converting the format we had to go through each track take to find the final performances. Tedious but well worth it. I’ve had several years experience recording but was but was always disappointed with the end result. It never sounded as good as I’d hoped but I could never tell why. Good mixing is why and Mihai mixed my album well. He brought the personality of the instruments in a way I could not only live with—as it done so much in the past— but was actually proud of. Mihai has got skills alright but the thing that stood out is how much he cared about the finished sound. That combination is a winning mix.

Mark Moore – The Heretics